I'm looking for an embroidery machine with many of the same capabilities of the Husqvarna Viking Designer 1, but for a much cheaper price. Any suggestions?

Make a list of what you like about this machine and take it to a Brother or Babylock dealer and compare the features and the prices.

Ideally – you want a hoop area larger than 4"x 4" and USB connectivity.

The larger hoop will allow you to stitch out larger embroidery designs. Whatever the size hoop is the largest design size the embroidery machine will stitch out.

Some users think if they buy an additional hoop that is larger than what came with the machine, the machine will stitch larger designs. Not so. The embroidery machine is computerized for certain features and that cannot be changed.

USB connectivity can be either a cable that connects the embroidery machine and PC, or a removable flash drive. These are what you use to move design downloads from the PC to the embroidery machine.

You can get the Brother 400se (sewing and embroidery) at Walmart that has a larger hoop and cable connectivity for around $500.

You may want to buy from a dealer for assistance in using the machine and for service of the machine.

You do need to have a PC as 99.9% of software programs for machine embroidery require the Windows operating system.

You can begin a collection of designs from the many sites that offer free downloads.

Create a folder on the hard drive and name it Emb Downloads.

Download .pes formatted designs for Brother or Babylock.

Most downloads are zipped files and have to be opened or extracted and then saved to the folder you created.


jef is the format you need.

If you find a design you like, but does not come in .jef format, there is a free conversion program that you can download and use. Pulse Ambassador is the software.

Designs that you download from the Internet will be zipped and you have to unzip or extract before they can be used. Windows is the support system for machine embroidery software and neither Windows, nor Mac can read a zipped file.

Another caveat, is the hoop size which normally indicates the limitation of the design that can be embroidered.

Create a folder on your hard drive for the downloads. As you find designs that you like, save to the folder, then unzip and use the new file.


I want to get an embroidery machine that I can just put in what I want to embroider onto something and then let it go. I do not want to free hand embroider. Can someone help me, because I am unsure on which one to buy?

Any brand. However, Brother is the most user and software friendly.

Putting "something in" depends on what you mean.

Embroidery machines can only read machine embroidery formats.

There are many machine embroidery designs you can download from the Internet – some you purchase and some are free.

There will be some designs already built-into the embroidery machine, including alpha/numerical fonts.

Downloads or CDs have to be loaded on the PC. Then transferred to the embroidery machine.

How you get the design to the embroidery machine will depend on the capabilities of the machine.

Some use a machine embroidery formatted memory card – this type of machine will require a reader/writer unit and rewritable memory card for the brand and format of the machine.

Some use UBS port B direct connect cable. The cable comes with the machine and has to be connected to the PC for sending the design to the machine.

The best models have USB port A. You transfer the design to a flash stick and then insert it into the embroidery machine.

If you want to embroider your own art or clip art, you will need machine embroidery digitizing software and this starts at about $700.

Expect to spend at least $800. Plus another $50 or so for thread and stabilizer.


I want to buy an embroidery machine for myself in a couple years[when I have more money and experience] but I don't really know how the USB adaption works
Is it one of those things like when you legally go download a song, you have to buy it? Or can you get a free pre-made image? Is there sites for that sort of thing? Are you able to use any image?
And when you use multiple colors on the image, can your machine automatically change threads[like, you put the threads in a certain order or what?]
Honestly, I'm a real newbie in this field. As you can probably tell.
I would also appreciate your bran preference for these machines.

You can download free designs as well as purchased designs from the Internet.

If you purchase an embroidery machine with a Port A USB connection, you will be using a flash drive/memory stitch to load from the PC.

If you purchase an embroidery machine with a Port B USB connection, there will be a cable with the machine that you use to connect to the PC for loading the designs to the embroidery machine.

Only a multi-head embroidery machine can load different colors of thread.

You may want to start with the Brother model sold at Walmart that has the USB Port B cable to see it this is the craft for you. It is around $400. With this type (home embroidery machine), the machine will stop when the color change is needed and you re-thread the machine with the next color.

The multi-head machines cost several thousand dollars.

Visit sewing machine dealers for a demo of how the machine works. If you are a minor, take a parent or guardian with you as the store will not want to take the time for someone who is underage.

My preferences are Brother and Babylock brands.


Does anyone have a copy or digital copy of the Singer Futura CE 100 program with drivers? I received a Futura as a gift but the person that gave it to me couldn't find the software. I have the Tutorial DVD and the Bonus designs CD but not the main program cd. When I contacted Singer they wanted me to pay $100.00 to replace it. How could they charge that much for something that came free with the machine and is needed for it to even work? Singer support SUCKS!!!
If someone finds the software a link would be helpful.

One question: did you even try to find support at a yard goods store?
craigslist? ebay? Downloads from the manufacturer? I just tried the
Futura website and the have the installation software for free! Try registering the machine before you start complaining and whining.

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the site had designs with the hoof of the amininal on the outside and on the inside was a scene with the aminal I tried embroidery library and it did not work out need another site thanks

If you go to yahoo and press in templets or designs you get several options, also google, images and punch in American Indian or animals you want and get several websites and pics…hope it helps.

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0 Butterfly embroidery design downloadsButterflies, Insects and Beautiful Bugs: Machine Embroidery Design downloads
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We have an 18 head Embroidery machine, and Urgently need a software to create, our designs. Can any1 help me out.

If you are trying to create a stencil. Gimp is a good free software that is easy to use.

You can get a picture and turn it into a grey scale.

I hope this helps

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