Cheap Stuff


I am going to get a brother pe700II and I need to know what kind of things I need to get in addition to the machine. Do I need a speical backing when embroidering, etc. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

You will need stabilizer and depending on what you are embroidering on, will depend on the thickness and they type you will need.
a good pair of embroidery scissors, machine embroidery thread (this is different than normal thread) embroidery bobbin thread (again different than regular thread)
that should get you started, although i would invest in some cheap fabric or felt to do test stitching on because you will always want to test stitch designs, especially if they are free.
Go through your closet and find old clothing you don't want or need any more and do some testing on those, or go to good will to get some cheap stuff to use.

there are several forums and yahoo groups you can join.
and you don't have to join a brother specific group because a lot of the stuff is the same for any machine.
I have two brother 8200's and a Happy commercial machine.
this is a very addicting hobby!