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What types of programmes are out there and which is the best to buy? Is this what Buzz tool does?

Buzz Tools has more than one software program.

There is a free software download that I have used many times for conversion of machine embroidery formats.

For your embroidery machine, you can convert a PCS design to PES or any other format (except ART) by using Pulse Ambassador.

Open the design you want to convert and then and SAVE as "name of design" and choose the format, PES.


Have a new Huskvarna SE sewing/embroidery machine. I would like to make patterns for it (stitch files is what the store calls them) so I can have my own cust. designs. How do I get started?

If you are referring to embroidery and not sewing, you will need digitizing software for machine embroidery.

Most of the software programs do auto digitizing which requires you to use clip art or your own designs in a format such as jpg. Even then, you may have to do some manual editing.

There are a few products that you can download for a trial – Designer's Gallery (BabyLock) and Buzz Tools are a couple brands.

All digitizing software will save designs in the format of all embroidery machines. You do not need to purchase the brand offered by the same company as your EM.

There is another software – Stitch Era, that is free to download. It is also complex and not that easy to learn. The manual is over 200 pages and I have yet to get through it.

I use PE Design for digitizing and Designer's Gallery for editing. PE was a gift and DG came with my BabyLock.


I only have a 4-inch embroidery field, thanks!
does anyone know? C'mon!!

The Rose uses the HUS format *NOT* PES format but if you have editing software then you can convert from other formats such as PES. You will need to have hardware to save your designs to Viking cards (usually known as #1+ & Rose Viking Embroidery Card). You can find many sites that offer free designs such as Secrets of Embroidery, Viking site, Brother site, etc. If you don't have the Viking card reader/writer, then you need another Reader/Writer so that you can write your designs to a Viking Card or a Magic Card that is designed for Viking Rose machines.

You can also use VIP formats as well as the HUS format but you still need to convert those designs to your embroidery card. Editing Software to check out is and Buzz Tools as well as the Viking software.

There are many designs that fit in a 4×4 inch field available. In addition to downloading designs and outputting to the Rose Card, you can buy cards that the Rose Machine accepts. These you get at your Viking dealer, or from OESD and Amazing Designs. The cards are very expensive, about $100-$150 each. So, your best bet is to have Reader/Writer Hardware that saves designs to a Viking Rose #1+ Card. The Boxes that are available are Viking Card Reader/Writer Box, PES2 Reader/Writer, Amazing Designs or Magic Box Reader/Writer to name a few. Today's boxes use USB ports. If you buy Embroidery Software, some higher end brands such as Viking require a Security device called a USB Dongle to run the software. if you lose the dongle, you lose your investment in the software. NO Dongle=Embroidery Program won't run and the Manuafacturer won't help you. So, never lose the dongle and if you buy used software, if there is no dongle, then you've lost your money. Embroidery software often costs over $1000. The Reader/Writer boxes cost about $300. Try for Amazing Box.

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I have a Janome Memory Craft 200E. I have never used an embroidery machine before, so this is all greek to me! What format do the designs I purchase/download need to be in?

If this is your machine –

You need the jef format.

If you find designs that you like, but they are not jef, you can convert them by using Pulse Ambassador. This is a free software download used by many machine embroiderers.

Before you download designs, create a folder on the PC's hard drive and name it Embroidery or something you can easily recognize.

When you download a design, select SAVE and the folder you created.

The design file may be compressed or zipped – you will have to open this before sending to the embroidery machine.

Highlight the design file and select open or extract. You will now have two files; the zipped file and the open file. You can delete the zipped file.

If the file has to be converted to jef, open Pulse Ambassador and find the design file. Open and then SAVE AS using the jef format.

Make sure the designs you download are within the limitations of the embroidery machine – this is usually signified by the size of the hoop.

Back up your embroidery folder to flash drive or cd every time you add or make a change. This will ensure the saftey of the folder should the PC go wonky and loose you hard work.

It is also a good idea to have a catalog program so you can see the designs – Windows cannot read machine embroidery designs.

You can check Embird, Buzz Tools or Ann The Gran for this software. ATG has a demo you can download and try for a limited period of time.

Embroidery Library has several free tutorials, videos, tips & techniques that are very helpful.

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i purchased and downloaded files from an embroidery design website with the PES format. i cant seem to open them, what program should i use?

From your descriiption that's not a zipped file. Embroidery designs are commonly saved as pes files. If the file ends with the extension .pes then that's what it is. Some Wordperfect programs can open it depending on what prog the designer used. More up to date progs that they most likely used are:

Designer's Gallery StudioPlus
Embird Suite
Buzz Tools BuzzXplore or BuzzEdit
S & S Computing SewWhat!
Threadsmith Format Foundry

Great programs that will easily handle pes files. Good Luck !

Forgot to say that BuzzEdit has a 21 day free trial so if it's just this one time you need to open it go for it. If you have further use for it compare pricing with the others I named.

Download here:

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0 BuzzSize Software   Freehand Embroidery Design ResizingThis tutorial shows you how to use the freehand resize tool in BuzzSize to resize an embroidery design. For more information about BuzzSize features, to download a free demo or for purchasing information please visit

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