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I would like to buy some alphabet designs from the internet, and I have the PED Basic software to put them onto a memory card for my Brother PE-150 machine. If I remember correctly from my first machine(this is my second time owning this kind of machine), I can put the letters into individual files on the card. I want to know how to merge the letters into a word, such as a name, so that I don't have to embroidery each letter individually. I haven't yet opened the PED Basic program, because I wanted to find out if I needed something else first. Thanks!

You need an editing software program. Embird is very popular with home machine embroiderers. Your start with basic and then add other programs as you wish.

You can get a trial here –

And here is a free tutorial for combining letters into words –

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The machine only came with one pre-programmed applique' design, I would like to by a memory card for the machine with alphabet applique' embroidery designs and can only find one standard font that I am not interested in. The customer service at Brother told me that if I loaded applique' designs on my blank memory card from my computer and put the memory card in my machine that it may not recognize it as being an applique' and I would end up having to do it myself! Not what I wanted to hear. Furthermore, I am upset because I have an amazing Apple laptop which I love but is not compatible with my sewing machine software. I am stuck, and upset any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I do not think you can even load designs from your MAC to a blank memory card due to everything machine embroidery being Windows based.

Preloaded memory cards can soon add up to the expense of purchasing additional software (Windows to be used via Boot Camp) or an inexpensive PC.

Once you have a method for reading Windows, you can purchase a reader/writer unit with a re-writable memory card for around $100 and forget the preloaded card.

I am guessing this would be $600 minimum for a PC and the reader/writer/card for machine embroidery. That's about 8 preloaded cards.

PC –

Reader/Writer/Card –

Once you can download and send to a memory card, there are thousands of designs (many free) that you can download from the Internet!

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How do I connect font characters to spell a word? I want to embroider my daughters name on something using a font I downloaded from the internet. I cannot group the characters together on my machine. Is there any way to do this?
Thank you so much! That is helpful. I wish I could do it with what I have 🙁

I am afraid not. You can combine the letters already built into the machine.

You will need an editing software program to combine the letters or do one at a time.

If doing one at a time is the only option, bring up each letter and send to the card.

Then make a sample by stitching out each letter, noting the size and then determine how far to space each letter. Start by making a cross hair with a pen for each one – this will help you to find the center of each letter after stitching.

Remember, the center for the letters a and y (as examples) are going to differ as will as upper and lower case letters.

You can use the jog feature on the embroidery machine to calculate the perimeter of each letter.

There is a trial of Embird that may be of help as well as a tutorial for lettering at ABC Embroidery (free).

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions at any time.

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Hi Robyn
I personally love to embroider, so this question got my attention. I also love to search the internet so these are my findings. Hopefully they help you out:

Web site #1:
Singer Futura CE200 Embroidery designs (see www.sewingmachine-sales… ) link

"As well as being a great sewing machine for every day sewing, the Singer CE200 Futura is also a full power embroidery machine when you link it to your own PC, all the software and cables are included."

"The new Singer CE-200 Futura, the newest break-through in sewing and embroidery technology! …. Create beautiful embroidery with a direct connection to a Windows compatible computer, and create your own embroidery designs from photos or clip-art!"

"Create your own designs! – Scan a photo, use clip art and the software automatically fills it with stitches and sends it directly to the machine." (Robyn, this is where the FREE part would come in).

"Embroidery Functions with Futura software, tutorial and USB Cable:
When downloading designs from the internet, off a floppy disk or CD, the Futura software will recognize AND AUTOMATICALLY CONVERT the following embroidery formats.
Web site #2:
"Embroidery Software CD – free download for replacement CD to be able to download photos off the internet".

On this web site below it states: “FUTURA basic software installation CD. This is the CD THAT CAME WITH YOUR MACHINE. If you lost your CD and need a replacement, here it is!" (see… ) link

Incoming search terms:

  • futura photo stitching software free download
  • HOW to get embroidery designs from online to
  • singer futura ce-200 software

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I just bought a PED Basic and I can not figure out how to put any designs on it. I would also like to know where I can get free embroidery designs online. Thanks

Don't know what sewing machine this goes with-but with mine you load the software program that comes with it, hook the box up to your computer, either scan clip art into the program or import it. Clip art should come on your screen. Keep reading your instructions.

Type embroidery designs into a search, there are lots!

Can try to help more, if needed.

Incoming search terms:

  • embroidry
  • how to put design on PED-Basic
  • so what pro embroidry software

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I just bought a Brother PE-770 and I am looking for some basic software that will allow me to add text to designs, as well as merge two designs into one for a custom effect. Can anyone recommend a program? Free would be amazing, but I'm willing to pay as well (though not over $200).

You should consider Embird which I highly recommend. Not only is this a very low costing but it is also such a user friendly product, I am using it for years now and I am also so greatfull to have purchased it by the right person who at all times are always ready and willing to give a support service.
Here is the link for you to see if this is what you want.
I will recommend the editor manager part for you as a beginning, and should you want to start creating more than what this part allows you, you can always upgrade.

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