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My mother has made quilts all her life. some completely by hand, others completely by machine or a combination of the two. I think I would like to pursue quilting on a mahine. Any advice on how to get started? Not that it matters, but I'm a guy.

Sure you can, sewing is not just for girls! Quilting is an art form, and guys do art. And guys quilt.

There are several, as you pointed out, kinds of quilts, patchwork might be good to start with. It has to do with some math, a ruler, some precise cutting and sewing, perfect for a guy's brain.

There is also applique, where designs are cut out, and top stitched onto a quilt. I have a handmade applique quilt the design is dogwood. This might be great for someone who loves color and design, but can't draw or paint very well.

and there is embroidered, where a quilt block is obtained, it may have a embroidery design printed on it, or this can be done from scratch. You embroider the quilt top, an then choose a backing and filling just like the other quilts. My Grandma did this kind, I have several.

The internet is loaded with how to instructions, mostly free, and patterns and ideas., e-how, and this place:​quilts.html -all three have some nice help, the browser, when you type in how to make a patchwork quilt has pages of ideas.
In my area, we have several quilting stores, they sell the fabrics and supplies, and patterns, one even has quilt blocks and other household goods with blank patterns. They also sell antique and newly made quilts. Go find a store, or look online, and see what the quilts sell for. You will definitely be considering starting quilting. It can be profitable. And quilt making is definitely back in style. and I found the employees at all the places to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

There are also sewing classes in my area, my friend teaches some for someone. She teaches quilts, and just taught a class about aprons, they are back in style too.

You could find joy in creating an heirloom, for your own heirs, or for someone else. And they make marvelous gifts, an heirloom baby quilt for new parents, a wedding quilt. Patchwork purses, tote bags, Xmas decor, lap warmers, the list goes on and on.

Find a simple design, where you do not have to match a design, in other words avoid stripes for you first project. Find a pattern you like, and follow it. It should tell you how many yards of how many fabrics to purchase. And give you templates, or instructions of how to cut the pieces, and how to lay them out and sew them.

there are competitions, and showings out there for quilts, there is one in this area every year. Oh, my goodness, so ornate and beautiful.

things you should know? Buy the best dacron quilt batting you can, so it will not bunch up and ruin your work. Be precise with your work, one little error can snowball, since each pattern on the quilt depends on the precision of the one before it. You could have a really ugly mess very quickly. Learn to bind the quilt, put it together yourself. My grandma belonged to a church group who did this for people, to make money for the church. They were good. You can also hand quilt, this can be very beautiful It involves buying quilt frames, my Aunt inherited my Grandma's frames.
Check out tying a quilt instead of quilting it. That could be cute for a casual quilt, I have one of those, too. I made that one.

I hate to ask, but is your Mom still available for lessons, or does her work still exist? It might honor her, if you wish or want to do so, to utilize some of her work, finish something she never got done, recondition something, remake, or re-purpose things. I have an old patchwork quilt I am going to repair and use, it is just waiting for Rivers to have the time. Don't know who made it, probably Grandma.


Embroidery as an art form has had lots of notable works thought the world and in various different various cultures thought history. Embroidery has been found throughout the ages from countries like Egypt, India, Persia and China to name but a few.

Contemporary embroidery has come very far from since its early formative years. The new age of emergence to machine embroidery has led to many opportunities like the possibility of huge business in the field of embroidery. Nowadays computerized designs have enabled machines to stitch mass produced embroidery designs on numerous different fabrics.

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Embroidery is proven to be one of the most enduring arts and crafts of all time. For centuries, this art form has long pervaded in many civilizations and has produced results that are truly worthy to own. Embroidery, whether traditional or contemporary, is in fact one of the most popular projects that found its way inside homes and has long been enjoyed by many individuals as a form of productive hobby. Embroidery is not cheap so to say. It requires equipments ranging from threads, needles and garments to sewing machines and digitizing software. However, if you really would like to make embroidery as your productive past time or perhaps a small business, you could actually cut back on its cost by simply having free embroidery designs.

One of the main advantages of using free embroidery designs can be credited to their cost-effectiveness. Unlike embroidery designs that are expensively sold in arts and crafts shops, free designs for embroidery projects, as their name suggests, can be acquired without imposing financial burden on your part. They also come in a wide variety of designs and styles, giving you more options to choose from. Hence, you could easily select the pattern or style that would ideally befit the embroidery project you intend to work on.

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