Hi, my dad, a fishaholic for sure, died yesterday at age 94 and I want to sew out some kids' shirts and am looking for designs about 4×4" or close that show any kid, bear, child type picture of fishing. I would like to find at least one applique one to use with machine embroidery, Thanks.

Dear Wendy
I am so sorry for your loss. My dad too was a fishaholic.So are my hubby , sons and grandson. You should try Embroidery Library ie :http://www.emblibrary.com . Just type in Fishing in their search space. They have some really nice ones.
God Bless

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They are the ones used with the 4×4 square with the boxes/lines with and without dots. I would like to make a coded message for my sister with the symbols so she can translate them. Preferably a free font that works for Mac OSX. I can't draw them because I need to email it to her. Thanks!

Masonic symbols can be found on many masonic related sites. Do some work, and search for them. They can also be located on many embroidery sites.

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I am willing to buy one, but I'm not sure which one i would like to buy. Any suggestions?? I dont care what price range it is either.

I can't tell you the 'best' one to use but I can offer you some guidance, of sorts.

You need to also think about what kind of designs you intend to do. Can you use the small 4×4 stitching area or can you afford a couple of hundred more to move on up to a 5×7 stitching area? Personally, I wish I'd waited and saved to get the 5×7 stitching area for my first machine.

Ok, after you 've decided what size stitching area you want You'll need to decide which machine.
Before deciding on a machine, you need to determine what you plan to do with it. Will it be a work horse that never stops, or do you think it may be something you tire of quickly? ( Honestly, machine embroidery is ADDICTING so I don't see that second option happening.)
Ok, when you've narrowed down to a couple of machines you think you'd like, look at what you'll need to use them. For example. I bought my brother embroidery machine blindly having no clue what I'd need. After it was delivered, I found out that to transfer designs from my computer to the machine, I'd have to have a ped basic and design card.
Some machines use a flash drive, some need cd's, others still use floppy disks, and some can hook directly up to your computer. You need to find out what you'll need before you buy the machine.
After you find a machine you want you'll also have to buy supplies. You'll need all of these things before even stitching your 1st project.

Thread – lots and lots of thread (i recommend anna bove collections)
an assortment of embroidery needles (depending on your fabric and stabilizer, you could need a different size needle for each project)
Stabilizers – everyone has their favorites and you will too. To start I'd recommend a good water soluble stabilizer, a light mesh stabilizer, and a heavier stabilizer.

Before getting anything – even the machine – I'd recommend joining and online forum. You can join for free at www.sewforum.com or you can join a subscription site like www.artisticthreadworks.com. I learned sooooo much from the people at artisticthreadworks that I would recommend you join before buying the machine. The people there will answer any question.
I also recommend www.nitasplace.com. The forum is less busy – more advanced stitchers i guess – but they will ALWAYS stop to answer a question.

I know I didn't directly answer your question, but I didnt want you to think it was as easy as just picking up a machine. If you have any questions, you're welcome to email me at jdlindseyembroidery@yahoo.com

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