How to Do Free Motion Embroidery on any sewing machine using the Octi-Hoops Dragonfly design.


0 How to Do Free Motion Embroidery on any sewing machine using the Octi Hoops Dragonfly design.Free Motion Embroidery / Thread Painting on any sewing machine. Everyone at any skill level can embroider on ALL sewing machines because we only use a straight stitch and NO sewing machine Foot is needed so visibility is far superior to any other embroidery process. This kit includes 3 8 sided frames varying in size that have holes on all 8 sides where a handle drops into to make it so you don't have to hold onto the frames. It is ergonomic and feels like you're holding a crayon and coloring in a coloring book. So simple even beginners succeed! It's fun and relaxing and is a fantastic stress reducer. Invented by Clare Rowley, inventor of the Creative Feet presser feet for sewing machines and are available for purchase from

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June 2, 2012

cr8vgurl @ 3:39 pm #

I have now… It's …
I have now… It's Stick and Rinse found on creativefeet site.

cr8vgurl @ 3:39 pm #

Thank you I'm glad …
Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed the video 🙂

cr8vgurl @ 3:39 pm #

I have been …
I have been experimenting with Free-Standing lace… you can do so with 2 elements 1) Stick and Rinse stabilizer on back of frame 2 Bridal illusion or Tulle on top. Have the design printed on the stabilizer in a light color ink or use a wash away pen.

Some threads are more likely to hold the ink like Cotton or Silk. Be mindful of the color ink used and use markers that match the thread color or use wash away markers and trace instead of printing on the Stick and Rinse Stabilizer.

cr8vgurl @ 3:39 pm #

I'm so glad to have …
I'm so glad to have provided the world with a pain-free method of accomplishing free-motion embroidery and free-motion quilting…. 🙂

cr8vgurl @ 3:39 pm #

The price has been …
The price has been lowered and the popularity is growing!

cr8vgurl @ 3:39 pm #

You will find our …
You will find our hoops on the link within the video description and other designs can be found on the Octi-Hoops page. You are also able to use any design you like if you're embroidering for yourself or as a gift. You should only use designs that are free license or not copyright protected. I give you free license designs in the kit and on the website.

cr8vgurl @ 3:39 pm #

It's Stick and …
It's Stick and Rinse found on our website

margepoc @ 3:39 pm #

—> jynclr: Did …
—> jynclr: Did she respond to you and tell you what kind of water soluble printer stabilizer she was using? If anyone else out there knows what kind of stabilizer she is using or one that would do the same, please let me know. Thanks!

Ruthann Dike @ 3:39 pm #

Where do you get …
Where do you get the Octi-Hoops? And are there other designs than the dragonfly?

jynclr @ 3:39 pm #

What brand of …
What brand of water soluble printable stabilizer are you using?

joycespeech @ 3:40 pm #

loved the video!!!
loved the video!!!

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