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Often when people think about recycling, they think of curbside recycling programs or places where they can take items like milk jugs, pop cans, and newspapers. Recycling is about more than just that, though. Many locations throughout South Dakota offer resources which allow citizens to recycle other items that people may not think to recycle or that they may not know how to recycle.

People often throw out old batteries, but it is important for people to recycle these items instead. When batteries are just thrown away, chemicals in the batteries can leak into ground water which can cause water contamination problems. Leaking or damage batteries can also cause a health hazard to people, including problems such as acid burns or lead exposure to children as well as adults. Batteries can also cause an explosion danger. Batteries give off hydrogen gas so when packed into a small, poorly ventilated enclosure, a dangerous explosion could occur. Because improper disposal of batteries is such a health risk, there are many locations throughout South Dakota which offer resources that allow them to recycle used batteries.
Electronics are another type of item that should not just be thrown out. Computers and computer parts can be taken to various locations throughout the state which provide resources for the recycling of electronic devices including computers, televisions, and cell phones. There are also locations throughout the state which provide resources to allow the people of South Dakota to buy, sell, or exchange used computer parts. This is an important resource, because what might be trash to someone who has a newer computer or who no longer uses that computer part can be used by someone else. When the product is in good condition or even in repairable condition, there is no reason for it to end up as trash in landfills.

Recycling of items containing mercury is also an important resource provided by several South Dakota locations. Mercury is contained in several household items including some thermostats and fluorescent light bulbs. If not disposed of properly, these items can break and release vapors into the environment. These vapors can be harmful to humans and to the environment. Among the locations accepting products containing mercury are several Ace Hardware Stores throughout the Black Hills area of the state.

Another important resource that many locations throughout the state provides for people is the recycling of car related materials. Some locations offer resources which allow for automobiles or automobile parts to be recycled. Other locations have the resources to allow people to properly dispose of used motor oil and even a couple of locations where used oil filters are accepted. It is important to properly recycle these items, because they also can be harmful to the environment if not handled correctly. Motor oil that is dumped out or that goes into a landfill can leak causing damage to the land as well as mixing with local water resources. This can be harmful to plants, animals, and humans in the area.

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