How To Do Free Hand Machine Embroidery


0 How To Do Free Hand Machine EmbroideryLearn how to do free hand embroidery on a normal sewing machine.

Basic information on how to adjust your sewing machine, what you need and how to do the actual embroidery. 😀

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December 9, 2011

artlovervictoria @ 4:42 am #

I will try what you …
I will try what you have taught. Thank you, you did a great job with this video.

HondaVtecDOHC @ 4:42 am #

is there a shot of …
is there a shot of yourself? Are you hot?

kplusdc @ 4:42 am #

Thank you… thank …
Thank you… thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@xgelytotx Yes, I …
@xgelytotx Yes, I did everything on my old machine. 🙂 It's very possible. You just sew stitches on stiches on stitches, and make sure it all stick together. 🙂

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@dayamsta Thank you …
@dayamsta Thank you. 🙂 I'm really happy that I can help. 😀

xgelytotx @ 4:42 am #

@BeMyGoth hi did …
@BeMyGoth hi did you do the spider web and cat on your old machine /??? great video

dayamsta @ 4:42 am #

best most effecient …
best most effecient vid i have seen!!!thanks i am a total beginner and i have found this amazing!!

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@dizzydreamaway Yay …
@dizzydreamaway Yay, thank you. 🙂 I'm glad I could help. 😀

dizzydreamaway @ 4:42 am #

Awesome tutorial! …
Awesome tutorial! The most informative one I've watched so far. It was really helpful that you mentioned moving the needle quickly and your hands slowly.

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@KatyH131194 🙂 …
@KatyH131194 🙂 Thank you. 🙂
Have a nice Sunday.

KatyH131194 @ 4:42 am #

@BeMyGoth thank for …
@BeMyGoth thank for getting back so quickly 🙂 I'll try to keep referring to your videos for help haha

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@KatyH131194 I …
@KatyH131194 I believe it's okay to start doing machine embroidery without the foot – works just as fine. So I'd recommend you dont buy one for starters. 🙂
I hope your project will turn out fine. 🙂

KatyH131194 @ 4:42 am #

@BeMyGoth I'm just …
@BeMyGoth I'm just about to start sewing for a textile project at school but don't have a fancy machine like yours 😛 I'm going to be using my mums old singer but it hasn't got an embroidery foot. Would you recommend I buy one or will I be okay without it?

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@lil18072010 Why …
@lil18072010 Why thank you. 🙂 I'm really happy that I can help.
Hopefully I will in the not too distant future make a lot more – I'm just currently takingmy last semester at school and preparing for a fashion show in my free time. 🙂
In the new year I'll be done with my school and I will be able to work on this and a lot more! 😀

lil18072010 @ 4:42 am #

u r a good …
u r a good instructor…..i will definitely going to buy one machine soon…cant wait..:)

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@ashu9010 thank you …
@ashu9010 thank you. 🙂

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@carlislepaloo …
@carlislepaloo Good luck. 🙂

carlislepaloo @ 4:42 am #

Thank you so much!! …
Thank you so much!! This has bee a big help, i am going to venture in!!!!

ashu9010 @ 4:42 am #

thank u…its super …
thank u…its super cool

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@Cigabone I'm happy …
@Cigabone I'm happy we could help, so you didn't have to give up your project. 😀

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #

@MsRossella11 …
@MsRossella11 You're very welcome. :D

Cigabone @ 4:42 am #

thank you so much …
thank you so much for this I almost gave up on a little project I wanted to do because the embroidery would have just taken forever.

MsRossella11 @ 4:42 am #

thanks a lot…. …
thanks a lot….very helpfull.

BeMyGoth @ 4:42 am #


Yay. I'm happy that I could help. 😀 I think it's really nice to know that you can do embroidery without a big fancy machine. And it's more personal like this. 🙂

NefariousKnitWit @ 4:42 am #

That was super …
That was super helpful! It's nice to see that I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a special machine.

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