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0 Embroidery Software Wilcom EsIn this video you will learn how to install wilcom es the popular embrodery software for FREE!!!

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October 29, 2011

a00515617 @ 11:35 am #

Kash4lyfe89 How …
Kash4lyfe89 How much for the software? I am really interesrted contact me la_antigua_jarita@ hotmail.com

leolove110 @ 11:35 am #

Shift + R
Shift + R

sukha55 @ 11:35 am #

does anyone know …
does anyone know how to get slow redraw to work? I have only used wilcom for 1 hour ( just got it) but can't get slow redraw to work! Does anyone know how to do it? I have a text stitched.

modelno12006 @ 11:35 am #

if you wanna buy …
if you wanna buy wilcom es i can send you the copy

ranchoguerrero1 @ 11:35 am #

how can i get …
how can i get wilcom because the original copy its very expensive

Putlta @ 11:35 am #

ok.. I see..
hey. …

ok.. I see..
hey. come on!!.. You are not selling wilcom for $500, are you?.. I mean, who in the world is gonna pay for it, when you can find it all over the place for free!!.

kash4lyfe89 @ 11:35 am #

Dude Kash 4 lyfe 89 …
Dude Kash 4 lyfe 89 stands for My Name is Kash, and i born in 1989 thats what it stands for. By the way.wilcom 2006 for 200 bucks where do you sell em.

Putlta @ 11:35 am #

dude.. i wonder if …
dude.. i wonder if you are actually making kash 4 lyfe out of this video.. If so, I'll start doing the same.. and i've got a beating offer. Wilcom 2006 for only 200 bucks.. haha!

unabryn @ 11:35 am #

So it's not …
So it's not actually FREE as you have suggested?

kash4lyfe89 @ 11:35 am #

Its because you …
Its because you gotta buy it on ebay from me for $500.00 allright
thanks for the comment…

jfresh5665 @ 11:35 am #

whats the sence of …
whats the sence of this if your not going to show how to get it you dumb fuk

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