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Download free embroidery is perfect for Ula. Old Zeke really doesnt like to pay for all those new patterns.
You see, Ula had a terrible fall walking down from the still a few days ago and she has really been climbing the walls trying to find something to do with her time. Holding a part time job at The deer skinning plant is of no help as she is in a half body cast and can no longer stand long enough to skin more than one deer at a time.
It could be just a matter of pride but if she can only skin one deer at a time, she would just as soon be at the house.
She cant climb the hill to the still anymore. Driving herself and Zeke half out of their minds. Ula always was the busy sort.
It also has put a damper on their monthly income.
Combining all the facts, Ula needed something to occupy her time and also something to create an income at the same time. While Zeke was looking at them there girlie pictures on the internet, he came across the perfect solution.
Now if Zeke wants Ula to know about them girlie pictures, he will tell her.
What he did come across was a site that you could download free embroidery designs on. A perfect solution to a terrible problem. Kill more than a couple of birds with one stone, so to speak.
Ula is good with her hands. She always was an artsy type of person. She could get those free patterns and really go to town. Zeke wouldnt need to pay for them. Ula could sell her creations at the local flea market.
Now they dont sell fleas at that market. Luther brought bed bugs home on a used mattress he purchased there one time but that is a different story. A flea market is like a true hillbilly Wall-mart.
Everything you could possibly need from country crafts to used shoes. man down on the corner will sell you a pair of used brogans and a ten pack of slightly irregular tube socks for less than four bucks. You ought to check it out some time.
All Ula needed to do was download free embroidery designs and send old Zeke to the five and dime up town for a few supplies. She could have sent him to the flea market to get them but she didnt want to tip off her competition.
Zeke fetched the supplies and Ula went to work. She always has liked house pets. She looked a considerable time for a possum design but finally figured out everyone doesnt keep their possums in the house and therefore they were not in the house pets section.

She had several designs to take to the flea market with her. Possum sitting on a log. Possum in deep thought. Even had two possums, one in overalls and the other in a dress, holding up a pitch fork.
Ula made a huge splash in the local social scene.

Now you may not be quiet as talented as Ula. Not many people has her gift of being able to get a possum to pose like that. Still, you too can be famous if you download free embroidery designs.

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Free Embroidery Designs

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