Wilcom DecoStudio e2: Convert JPG to EMB (embroidery)


0 Wilcom DecoStudio e2: Convert JPG to EMB (embroidery)A short demo showing how quickly and easily DecoStudio e2 converts a JPG image into a finished embroidery file.

Duration : 0:3:35

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September 17, 2012

maroon202000 @ 6:06 am #

brother , is wilcom …
brother , is wilcom 1.5 can do this???
or we should have the wilcom e2?

EmbroideryTrainingUK @ 6:06 am #

EMB is the native ( …
EMB is the native (Digitizing) file format of Wilcom. DST is a stitch file (mainly used to input to your machine). You can can export to most embroidery formats (including DST) from an EMB file. The advantage of the EMB file is that it has vector as well as just stitch information. This means that editing is much more powerful and accurate. The EMB file also carries other important data like thread chart colours and notes etc.

DePokeJoker @ 6:06 am #

Is EMB format the …
Is EMB format the same as DST??

EmbroideryTrainingUK @ 6:06 am #

Wilcom DecoStudio …
Wilcom DecoStudio is an all in one graphic and embroidery software aimed at the commercial embroiderer. For more details please contact the local distributor in your country which can be found on Wilcom's main site.

EmbroideryTrainingUK @ 6:06 am #

Wilcom can export …
Wilcom can export in PES format for Brother (see 3m 22s) and also DST which most brother machines can read.

TheKarluna @ 6:06 am #

Watching the video …
Watching the video again, I see the list of machine formats (at 0:40). Is ist possible to use this software for brother-machines or PES-files? There´s no brother ist the list.

TheKarluna @ 6:06 am #

What a great …
What a great product. In the last weeks, I´ve testet PE-lite and Embird (Demoversion). I expected programms like photoshop but unfortunatly the two programs are very unclear. Both of them have useful functions but they are hard to find and nothing for beginners. Only in combination with the two programs i´ve found a way to convert my expected embroidery.

Now I see this video and from the first time it reminds me on photoshop. Would be great, if you can tell more about price and demoversion.

EmbroideryTrainingUK @ 6:07 am #

Wilcom DecoStudio …
Wilcom DecoStudio is not available for demo download. If you need more detailed information on this product please contact the authorised reseller for your country. For the UK visit embroiderytraining.co.uk otherwise visit wilcom.com.au for worldwide reseller list.

Ryckymoraes @ 6:07 am #

where to find the …
where to find the demo DecoStudio e2 for testing?

morales8430 @ 6:07 am #

it good program. …
it good program. can you tell me where I can download.

11pmac11 @ 6:07 am #

Yes, DecoStudio e2 …
Yes, DecoStudio e2 can write files for ZSK. Most ZSK can also read DST format as well, which is more commonly used.

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