How to Cross Stitch : How to Do Basic Cross Stitches


0 How to Cross Stitch : How to Do Basic Cross StitchesLearn how to do basic patterns for cross stitching in this free embroidery video lesson.

Expert: Vickie Pavone
Bio: Vickie Pavone is a wife and mother of 8. She also teaches Cross Stitching at her church.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Duration : 0:2:12

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March 6, 2013

Newschooled @ 5:17 pm #

Did anyone else get …
Did anyone else get brought here by StumbleUpon hoping to find a good adult flick involving midgets and a pickled chicken's foot taped to the end of a riding crop? Just me?

Deadjoker396 @ 5:17 pm #


22RebeccaB @ 5:17 pm #

I agree.
I agree.

caseyyybreannn @ 5:17 pm #

i luv …
i luv expert village

Vanessa Tewell @ 5:17 pm #


sweetienena @ 5:17 pm #

Thank you so much …
Thank you so much for this tutorial! In very amateur to anything stiching, and I wasn't sure if I understood the manual instructions correctly.this vid clarified all that.

Charlotte Adams @ 5:17 pm #


unicorntail @ 5:17 pm #

youtube is not a …
youtube is not a comedy hub.

BigDog91527 @ 5:17 pm #

these people are …
these people are EXPERTS!

Cretiom Tales @ 5:17 pm #

WTF is this a joke …
WTF is this a joke? wtf is this? 138.680 videos?ALL VIDEOS ARE shit.Subscribe to pewdiepie or raywilliamjhonson they are good not this joke wtf?

WR Ponto Cruz Artes @ 5:17 pm #

Olá a todos. Meu …
Olá a todos. Meu nome é Wagner. Visitem meu canal no youtube, eu coloquei alguns vídeos ensinando a fazer ponto cruz. Obrigado.

Lala Pu @ 5:17 pm #

I love listening to …
I love listening to your voice its so soft and relaxing (:

DaAwsomedude12 @ 5:17 pm #

They're starting …
They're starting young these days.

Nori Konoe @ 5:17 pm #

I'm a noob to …
I'm a noob to Cross Stitching, and I don't know how to make it secure on the back without knotting it.

Nori Konoe @ 5:17 pm #

If you're 11, then …
If you're 11, then you probably shouldn't be on YouTube.

Teresa B @ 5:17 pm #

Thank you!
Thank you!

Ashley Cline @ 5:17 pm #

How do you make …
How do you make the stitch that looks like a dot?

Carrie Hodgkins @ 5:17 pm #

Hello, does anyone …
Hello, does anyone know of any good cross stitch blogs?
I've started my own and would love to hear about some others 🙂 x x

Victor Zamora @ 5:17 pm #

I'm an obvious …
I'm an obvious amateur. -shrug-

SpidermanVsVenom1 @ 5:17 pm #

If you are wanting …
If you are wanting to take in pant legs, what are you doing watching EMBROIDERY videos?

Victor Zamora @ 5:17 pm #

I just wanted to …
I just wanted to learn how to make my dress pants less baggy….then I died of boredom.

jlaforga723 @ 5:17 pm #

Thanks, I just …
Thanks, I just started learning sewing and embroidery. This really helped me out now I can succesfully start off! Thx ^^

guitarsmash10 @ 5:17 pm #

I GET IT NOW! JUST NOW IM 11! Just for an easy project now i need that needle.
watzit called?

insurance500 @ 5:17 pm #

The lengths as best …
The lengths as best explaining means the number of threads used some charts require two or three threads. They must be split by taking the top and dividing them. The diagrams of the pattern in question are known as color codes look at the chart codes. Numbers are the same they are also color codes there are some patterns that use off the wall symbols but if you read them and figure it all out there is'nt any problems! It takes time so take your time.

Kerrie Leonard @ 5:17 pm #

what is the  half …
what is the  half cross stitch

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