Features of the Brother PE-700 Embroidery Machine


0 Features of the Brother PE 700 Embroidery MachineLive from AnnTheGran's Community Circle in Orlando, Florida, Brother Educator Jewell Hulitt demonstrates the features of the PE-700, one of Brother's best-selling starter machines.

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December 17, 2011

SusieQScraps @ 4:55 am #

@Janetkwy I am …
@Janetkwy I am having the same issue. I am embroidering on a polar fleece that is rather thick. Tried to chnage the stitch tension, but it didn't really help. My pattern was probably too thin. :0(

SusieQScraps @ 4:55 am #


Yes, but the brother PE 700 II is so quick & it threads itself. Takes literally a few secones.

saintly233 @ 4:55 am #

Do you have an …
Do you have an instructional video for this machine?
How can you show me how to thread and insert the bobbin?

Janetkwy @ 4:55 am #

I have the same …
I have the same machine and it is really a good machine. Can anyone tell me what is the right tension for every single item? SOmetimes I just didn't get the right tension for the things that I have done.

iPipe0 @ 4:55 am #

are there any lower …
are there any lower priced machines you could recommend that can have multiple threads loaded at once so you dont have to change the thread for every color?

mrprufrock101 @ 4:55 am #

Hi. With this …
Hi. With this machine, are you only able to do one color at a time? In other words, if I want to stitch a four or five color logo, do I have to do one color, then switch thread and begin on the next color etc?
thank you

michelandin @ 4:56 am #

spanis plis
spanis plis

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