Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine with 70 Built-In…


0 Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine with 70 Built In...Discover hundreds of design combinations and easy-to-operate features packed into the Brother Embroidery Sewing Machine. A convenient LCD touch screen allows you to easily select from the many options available for embroidery and sewing. You have 70 built-in designs, 10 border styles and five built-in monogram fonts in three sizes! Choose your most comfortable sewing speed with the electronic speed control. With the fast automatic bobbin winding and quick set bobbin system, you can just drop in the bobbin and you're on your way to sewing magnificent projects. Quick change your options with the eight presser feet, including the buttonhole, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, button…

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October 29, 2011

TheMelchor79 @ 11:35 am #

it's model H-120
it's model H-120

HSN @ 11:35 am #


I'm sorry, but I don't know. This video is several years old which we leave posted for the benefit of customers who purchased it and like to be able to reference back. However, we have a couple of newer models of 70-stitch Brother sewing machines on our website. I'll message you with the link.
HSN Shopping Diva

RachRachelRach1 @ 11:35 am #

witch model is this …
witch model is this?? please reply 😀

BestCatEvaDontHateMe @ 11:35 am #

I'm saving up for …
I'm saving up for this 🙂

JDMDB8CHICK @ 11:35 am #

Small singer sewing …
Small singer sewing machine

whatwhere @ 11:35 am #

you want a good …
you want a good machine, buy a viking. you may spend like 5000 + but they blow brother away…i bought a brother fo my GF and the thing only did straight stitches would not do and satin stitches at all…so i bought her a singer and to this day that singer sew like a charm, then i bought her a viking….that's her baby she uses that more then the singer. so if you get a sewing machine buy ethier a singer or viking

HSN @ 11:35 am #

Yes …

Yes, but you'll also need a US credit card and billing address. This exact model is an older one. But we have quite a few newer Brother sewing machines on our website, now. Just search "brother."
HSN Shopping Diva

naenaetaylor @ 11:35 am #

@HSN I looked for …
@HSN I looked for this machine on the brother internatiional site and they dont seem to have it, kind of gutted, I do have a address in idaho do you ship to idaho?

HSN @ 11:35 am #

I'm …

I'm sorry, but we currently only sell and ship to customers in the US and some of our territories. But Brother is a global company. Search "Brother International" and look for dealer locater. I can't access their international site from the US, or I'd send you the link. But I'm assuming they have the same basic functions on their international site as they do for their US one.
HSN Shopping Diva

naenaetaylor @ 11:35 am #

Damn Where do you …
Where do you get this from, Can I get it shipped to New zealand? AWESOME.

OfficiaLGraceStudios @ 11:35 am #

you got a baby girl …
you got a baby girl bibs with footballs and cars on them? lol i want this for my birthday!!

HSN @ 11:35 am #

I'm not an expert, …
I'm not an expert, but I would imagine you just change the thread to a different color.
HSN Shopping Diva

SellersDiva07 @ 11:35 am #

what if you wanted …
what if you wanted the thing you are embroiding to be a different color than the colors the book says it willbe, can you change the colors?

K9costars @ 11:35 am #

Does this do Photo …
Does this do Photo stitch?

dronus @ 11:35 am #

badass… except …
badass… except for the extra buck twenty for the extra fonts…

mirelapopovici @ 11:35 am #

It is Brother HE- …
It is Brother HE-120 Sewing and Embroidery. I don't know how Innovis is, but I think Innovis is a newer model…

misurefrank @ 11:35 am #

Hey. Is it the …
Hey. Is it the Innov-is 900? I recoginse it as this but just want to make sure.

mirelapopovici @ 11:35 am #

i have this model …
i have this model and adore it!

Rooshanii @ 11:35 am #

sooo expensive
sooo expensive

roadtorow @ 11:35 am #

am going to get …
am going to get this one if the other one dont come

SheiRaga @ 11:35 am #

I think waste away …
I think waste away is something like interfacing/basting material, to keep the fabric from shifting while sewing. Check your local arts and crafts store; they may have it. If not, look online(google, lol)

K1LLUMANATI @ 11:35 am #

I need one of these.
I need one of these.

1776demi @ 11:35 am #

an amazing deal
an amazing deal

surfacing2blue @ 11:35 am #

Very nice machine! …
Very nice machine! Are they still available now, and in Canada? Also, can more designs such as stars,candles,various lettering types, that are not built in on the machine be added to it that I could buy from another store perhaps here in Canada?

milkshakeuk @ 11:35 am #

hahahaha .. Love …
hahahaha .. Love the excitement… With this attitude you can sell anything. niiice

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