Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine


0 Brother SE400 Embroidery MachineI got my wife a sweet sewing and embroidery machine! It's pretty cool!

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September 8, 2012

Davilyn Cockburn @ 7:05 pm #

Hi! I have this …
Hi! I have this same machine… I use it every day for sewing and it works great. However, The few times I have tried to embroider, it always get stuck… what am I doing wrong??? I don't know how to check the youtube thing so if you could email me??… I'd greatly appriciete it!!!!

Lalou2Me @ 7:05 pm #

compre una …
compre una bordadora de esas y no se como usarla

321billygoat @ 7:05 pm #

she now wants a …
she now wants a red ferrari motor car

sundailove @ 7:05 pm #

WHERE do you make …
WHERE do you make your own designs to be uploaded to the machine? Ive bin searching but i found no luck.

KyleiGrace @ 7:05 pm #

She did not have …
She did not have stabilizer under the material, that is why it looks loose =)

mmman5on @ 7:05 pm #

Yes, U can use a …
Yes, U can use a USB stick (pendrive) to transfer custom designs

theonlyjaie @ 7:05 pm #

You can buy a cap …
You can buy a cap hoop for this machine, it will go up to 5X7. This and the Project Runway machine are apparently identical.

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